SLTA - Situation update 11th May 2020

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SLTA - Situation update 11th May 2020

We hope you are all in good health during this difficult time. We are all very concerned about what the coronavirus pandemic means to our health, our livelihoods and our communities. SLTA is, as always, dedicated to making sure of our players, coaches and employees’ wellbeing and that we comply with public health recommendations. With consultation of the relevant authorities please find the below update on SLTA related activities.

1)      SLTA Office

·         The SLTA office is operating with a skeletal staff (no visitors will be allowed till further notice) and you can contact the below mentioned staff for any urgent assistance. 

·         Please contact for tournaments and matches Ms. Zarina  0771587734  and Development matters Mr. Hari 0713423440.


2)      Tournaments

·         Complying with ITF recommendations, there will not be competition at least till 10th July. This includes Cool Tennis, SLTA Tennis Tour, and Senior Tour.


3)      Hiring of Tennis Courts at SLTA Premises

·         As per current update, SLTA courts will remain closed to the public.


4)      SLTA Outstation Coaching Programme

                    I.            Guidelines for Regional Coordinators and Coaches

·         SLTA will inform the starting dates for each region after observations of the prevailing situation.

·         Please follow Coaching Guidelines Information document once coaching can resume.

·         Contact your regional development officer for further details.


                  II.            Guidelines for regional development officers

·         The RDO’s to monitor the regional development programs through the virtual communications with the respective regional coordinators

·         Provide necessary advices to the regional coordinators to operate the regional development programs inline with the Coaching Guidelines Information document.

·         Contact Head of Outstation Programme for further details


                III.            Guidelines for school visits in outstations by Regional Coordinators and Coaches

·         Regional coordinators to visit the schools for training or monitoring purpose with Education Ministry and Relevant School Principal’s authority


5)      Coach Education

The coach’s education seminars will continue on virtual platforms, please contact Head of Coach Education for further details.

Next update on Monday 18th May 2020

President / General Sectary

Sri Lanka Tennis Association


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